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General Gardening

  • Use for planting of bulbs, tree seedlings, tomato plants, onion sets, grass plugs, annuals, etc.
  • Use for loosening soil as needed.

Tree, Shrub & Bush Feeding

  • Drill holes 2 feet apart around the extremity of the Drip Area. Fill every other hole with fertilizer and fill the other holes with gravel so sides won't fall in while watering.
  • Avoid breaking up your FERTILIZING TREE SPIKES by drilling holes straight down around the tree's drip area. Put in FERTILIZER SPIKES.

Other Uses

  • Drill holes under sidewalks for outdoor electric wiring, sprinkler systems, etc.
  • Drill holes by railroad ties, rock walls, and home foundations for insecticide treatments, termite barrier, wiring, etc.
  • Drill holes for taking soil samples.
  • Use the Weed Muncher for removing weeds from your lawn or garden.

Plant your Bulbs, Plants and Seedlings

Rapid Weed Removal

Fertilization and Aeration

Fertilization and Aeration

Railroad Ties and Rock Walls

Under Sidewalks

For Sprinkling Systems

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