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Bulb planter gardening tool
gardening auger, bulb planter
Built by Americans, Sold by Veterans
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Big Bulb Planter

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This Big Bulb Planter is 24" long. The blade length is 8". It drills a 3-1/4" diameter hole. This tool fits any electric or cordless drill with an adjustable chuck of 3/8" or larger. 


Use Instructions:

  1. Insert Auger or Bulb Planter tightly into the drill chuck and securely tighten.
  2. Grasp drill firmly with both hands. (It is not necessary to push down too hard. Augers and Bulb Planters practically screw themselves into the ground.)
  3. Drill down 2" to 3" at a time - pull up slowly letting pulverized soil spin off of the tool. 
  4. Repeat this operation until the desired depth is reached.

REMEMBER: Your Augers and Bulb Planters are for use IN SOIL ONLY.  They will not drill holes through rocks, tree stumps, or any object that is not soil.  Should you encounter such an object, pull up, move over, and start again.

These tools are proudly made in the USA!